There are many ways that you can get involved as an AgriAdvocate often as simple as planting a home garden and paying attention to where your food is grown.  It is also beneficial to know what is in the medication you or a close one may be taking.  Many are taking prescribed medications because of to assist in their ability to focus without realizing the detrimental harm happening to their body.  Here is a natural Pill to Focus, which can provide results without all of the negative side effects that come with prescription medications.  Listed below are some ways you can get involved with us.

Become an AgriAdvocate

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Simple Ways to Make a Difference

  • Plant a home garden or participate in a community garden. Click here for Wasatch Community Gardens information and here for tips on planting a garden.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Perhaps start shopping at a Farmers Market. Click here for a list of all Farmers Markets in Utah.
  • Pay attention to where the food you buy is grown, then buy Utah and buy American. If necessary, be willing to pay a little more to buy local.
  • Join Community Supported Agriculture.
  • Read up on articles and other agricultural issues.
  • Pay attention to agricultural issues and take responsibility for the well being of future generations by learning about legislation that effects farmers and ranchers and voting for laws and policies that help them succeed. Oppose laws and policies that make it harder for them to be economically successful.

Other Possibilities

  • Write your congressman about supporting laws and legislation that benefit agriculture. This could include land use policies that incentivize farmers and ranchers to adopt practices that promote and support agriculture science and methods that increase the efficiency of food production.
  • Share with others the knowledge you have of why protecting our local/American farms and ranches is essential to the future of our country.
  • Take the time to teach your children about agriculture and where our food comes from. Visit a local farm or find educational materials here.
  • Volunteer at your children’s school to educate students about agriculture.
  • Find out about Seven Ways to Save Farmland.
  • Make donation to an agriculture organization or cause, such as Ag in the Classroom.

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