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Productive agriculture land in Utah is disappearing at an alarming rate. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Utah lost over 600,000 acres of agricultural land between 2002 and 2007. If these acres were planted with wheat, they could have produced several hundred million loaves of bread. If they were fruit orchards, they could have produced several billion apples.

America’s Farmland Trust, states that on average, every minute of every day, we lose two acres of farm and ranch land in the United States to development. This stat is alarming because as we are losing land, our population is growing. Unless we work toward producing more of our own locally grown food, we could start experiencing the same type of dependency on foreign food as we do with oil – without the safeguards of the U.S. regulatory controls and reasonable pricing.

In addition to the importance of self-sufficiency, agriculture also provides many other benefits beyond the obvious food production, rural communities and scenic landscapes. For example, agriculture in Utah contributes 1.5 billion dollars to our local economy. It also contributes to Utah’s abundant wildlife.

AgriAdvocates.org gives you the tools to help make a difference “ whether growing your own backyard garden or supporting legislation to preserve Utah farms and ranches. We hope you will join us and become an AgriAdvocate. To learn more, simply provide your email on the left.


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